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NAKO Pop Mix 86751


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NAKO was established in1962. Since then, it has become a leading company in the hand knitting yarn sector.

NAKO is produced in ORMO mills which own the world’s best “state of the art” yarn production system, and which has the largest capacity among the similar companies under the same roof in the hand knitting yarn sector.

NAKO has proved its reputability, innovation, and creativeness in the world, because of its success in following the global trends and its know-how in the hand knitting yarn sector.

NAKO, with its product range constituted by stylish textures and colours, is the consumers’ favourite for many years and offers the market over 40 different qualities, suitable for all kinds of projects and tastes.

NAKO Pop Mix is one of the top-quality wool blend acrylic yarns of NAKO.

It is ethically produced in accordance with British Standard 984:1990

NAKO Pop Mix also proudly carries the Standard 100 label by OEKO-TEX® which is one of the highest quality standards, and shows that it is independently certified as safe and made without harmful chemicals.

More information about OEKO-TEX® certification is available at

NAKO Pop Mix is made of polyacrylic synthetic fibres and has a soft feel, like wool, and has a heat-insulating effect.

NAKO Pop Mix is a very fashionable yarn for autumn and winter seasons with its thick structure. It’s extremely durable, which makes it perfect for long-term projects like chunky hats, scarves, and sweaters that people will wear for years.

It is an “easy to care for” type of yarn and machine washable up to 30°C.

You can find your desired colour combination within this affordable yarn’s colour range, and it is impossible for moth larvae to digest it.

Made in Türkiye.

Materials 25% Wool, 75% Polyacrylic
Ball Weight 100g
Yarn Length 120m
Needle 6 – 7mm
Hook 4.5mm
Season Autumn, Winter

Hand-wash under 30° is recommended. It is also recommended to lay & air dry.

The actual yarn colour may vary from the colour shown in the photo.

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